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Change Management step one

I wanted to merge two thoughts into a small post. One is Simon Sinek’s the Power of Why and the other one is Kotter’s 8-step process for leading change.

In my work in a rapidly growing organisation, change is business as usual. Is change management really needed among all these entrepreneurial, agile, change embracing people? I think so. All those entrepreneurial, agile, change embracing people are already keeping themselves very busy with changing other important stuff and won’t listen or do anything without a compelling reason. If you’re about to change something significant within an organisation and haven’t seen Kotter’s 8-step process, I suggest you go and read it, it’s a great way to drive change.

I wanted to write specifically about step 1. Creating a sense of urgency – a real sense of urgency. I really like this quote:

Guaranteed to Fail:  The problem in failed change initiatives is rarely that the case for change is poorly thought out, or not supported with sufficient facts. A solid business case that has a theoretically “compelling” rationale only appeals to people’s head and not their heart.

This is where Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start with Why” fits in. The real Why, if connected to a purpose or vision, will get past the rationale and reach the hearts. Great first step.

50% of change initiatives miss out on this step.

Why? 😉

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  2. January 14, 2014 at 6:53 am

    I just finished Start With Why and am embracing this into all aspects of the firm I’m working with. Heck, I’ve found that it motivates me in my personal life too. It is a great first step and has resonance within my organization. I joined them in December and have heard they were struggling with their model for more than 18 months. We’re on a clear path since we’ve answered the Why question. Now … to bring together the What and How while staying true to our Why.

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