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Hello world!

January 9, 2011 Leave a comment

So.. finally decided to get going on blogging around the topics that I work with. Not sure why I haven’t done it before, as I really enjoy the process of writing. There is something about writing that creates a focus, and makes me think through and assess my beliefs and assumptions. 140 characters is sometimes not enough, on twitter I find myself mostly retweeting useful links instead of creating my own content.

I decided to blog in English and not Swedish, for mainly two reasons. First, I find myself more at ease writing in English, second I don’t see the choice of language limiting my (mainly swedish) target audience. Previously I have made a guest post (in Swedish) about Outsourcing of web development available here: If I write in Swedish I’d most likely contribute to the project and link from here.

This brings me to what I intend to blog about. As the title says “most things digital”, however my main interests are not focused around technology per se, rather how technology affects business and how businesses need to adapt. I intend to write on subjects such as distribution & channel strategies, collaboration / enterprise 2.0, business models, innovation, leadership, consulting and other related areas – depending on inspiration.

So, let’s get going!

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